Kristen Capozzolo

200 RYT

For Kristen Capozzolo, 200 RYT, the continuous practice of yoga has been a transformative journey. Her mat has become an anchor in her life, providing an avenue to sanctuary, relief, self love and personal growth. Her hope is to offer everyone an opportunity to develop a deeper, more compassionate conversation with their minds, bodies and spirits through the unfolding of their practice. 


Kristen is a graduate of the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio and has been blessed with the opportunity to own and lead Red Lotus Yoga & Healing. Her goal as a business owner is to continue to pour and sow into the local community creating opportunities for goodwill and service to expound.

Each class incorporates different aspects of the practice; physical movement paired with pranayama and meditation techniques and interwoven with thoughtful philosophy and prompts for deep internal integration of the mind, body spirit. Goal through our practice is to continue to develop subtler qualities of the mind such a self compassion and acceptance, to expound on the plasticity of old thought patterns and reframe them for personal development, and to support discovery, inquisition and healing in the body.


Additional Certifications:

Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Reiki Level II

Thai Yoga Massage Level I 


Jackie Dutt

200 RYT

Jackie is a 200 hr certified yoga teacher trained in vinyasa, yin, restorative and yoga nidra. She's studied many different styles of yoga in order to create diverse and inspiring classes. However, she will just end up teaching whatever the heck she wants at the moment.  Jackie has been practicing yoga for a long time, but that does not stop her from sometimes mixing up her left and rights or accidentally calling her hand her foot at least once per class.  She tries to keep the classes light-hearted, so there will often be bad puns, corny jokes, and yoga sarcasm.  Her goal is to try and provide the options to make yoga challenging while bringing greater awareness to both body and mind or help you keep your mind at a state of ease while providing the options to take the practice down a notch.

Additional Certifications:

Minfulness Meditation

Chakra Healing

Crystal Healing Therapy

Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Reiki II


Susan Debski

200 RYT

For Susan, becoming a 200HR RYT lead to the discovery of her authentic self and allowed her to connect to the child within. This newly found gift has unleashed the fountain of youth inside her where the energy of the mind, body and spirit continues to grow and flow every day on and off the yoga mat. It wasn’t until I began studying for my 200HR RYT certification at Boundless Yoga Studio in East Stroudsburg, that I came to fully appreciate and understand more deeply that connection. It has become second nature to intertwine the philosophy, practice, and lifestyle of yoga, with my daily life. My journey has just begun!


My classes are inspired to enhance the connection between the mind, body and personal spirit. Mindfulness, Meditation and breath are all connected to the physical aspect of the postures. The goal of class is to foster self-awareness and acceptance, grounding us for growth and personal development. Each class can be a moment of self-discovery and space to explore ourselves internally and find compassion for ourselves and others.

Meet Carolyn! 🕉 Carolyn will be recievi

Carolyn Swomiak

200 RYT

    Carolyn Swomiak found herself when she found yoga.  Yoga put her on a self healing journey she did not expect to embark upon, but it has been life changing ever since.  Carolyn brings a soulful energy as she guides you through your class, so when you leave you will feel physically and emotionally charged. She attaches emotion to the physical, as you guide through movement.  Carolyn believes you should feel the harmonic connection between mind, body and soul with each class.  She will sprinkle in some insight to yogic philosophy during some of her classes.  If the philosophy doesn’t serve you, you can take it as beautiful imagery.  

    Carolyn is very passionate about her inversion practice. She believes it helped her greatly in dealing with severe anxiety disorder.  While upside down all focus is on breath and balance, leaving no space for outside thoughts.  She hopes to help serve you on your journey to the upside down world if that is something that interests you.  

    During Carolyn’s class you’ll most likely be introduced to different forms of pranayama, breath work, she feels this is a very beneficial tool in helping manage anxiety and stress. 

    Carolyn graduated from Boundless Yoga Studio as a RYT 200.  She is overjoyed to share space with you and help spread love and light. 

Additional Certifications:

Yin Yoga


Amanda Spitzfaden

200 RYT

Amanda’s journey has always been both creative and expressive. She started a lifelong practice in ballet and experienced expression in movement, spatial awareness, and dance as an emotional outlet. Her artistic nature and love of the arts found expression through painting, collage and sculpting.

In 2013 Amanda found herself living in San Diego where she pursued her interest in art but could not connect with a ballet studio. After attending a yoga class she discovered another part of herself. Yoga opened Amanda up to a whole new view of life. She knew immediately that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others. During her yoga journey, she had a son and that changed everything! Yoga for her changes daily with all the many stages of being a mom. Yoga helped her physically, mentally as well as with bonding with her little love.

Amanda completed her 200 hour teacher training at Pilgrimage of the Heart, San Diego, in 2014 and then became a certified Seed and Song teacher in 2017.

Additional Certifications:

Seed and Song

Reiki Level Master

IET Certification

Vibrational Sound Therapy